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Disco is Dead!


Disco is Dead! is an innovative cooperative buddy cop experience centered around slappable zombie head controllers, which allow players to have an immersive hands-on experience, slapping away at zombies both in real life and onscreen! Play as two funky disco cops, Reggie and Kenny, and slap your way through a series of fast-paced levels and interactive slappable cutscenes, in order to unravel the mystery behind the zombie outbreak, and disco itself! 


Kassandra Kadar
Coulter Baker
Jeffrey Barkun
Jennifer Johnson
Melissa Mcquarrie
Nuha Alkadi


Level Up Toronto 2017 – 1st Place Technical Innovation
Level Up Toronto 2017 – 1st Place Artistic Achievement
Level Up Toronto 2017 – 1st Place – Best Overall Game
Differnt Games 2017 – Official Selection
BitBazAAR 2017 – Official Selection