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In an unknown time, Unspokin takes place on a series of Celtic-inspired islands. These elevated habitats are suspended by colossal metal chains vanishing into the nearby clouds above.

Cairenn, a young female, lost her capacity for speech after exposure to damaging levels of carbon monoxide – a product of the growing deforestation problem, and something she wants to change. Shortly into Cairenn’s travels she stumbles upon a bear trapped in a pool of toxic runoff.

The eyes of this giant beast are milky white – he’s blind. While strong enough to do things Cairenn can’t, his lack of vision leaves him fearful and in need of Cairenn’s guidance. The two team up in an attempt to restore the islands of Arden to its natural health and beauty. Their trust and reliance on each other create the core gameplay mechanic – a real relationship. The power of their complementary connection may just be enough to make a difference.


Katherine Elliott
Danielle Rainey
Eirik Murbræch
Filipe Seabra
Phillip Tremblay


Level Up Toronto 2017 – 2nd Place Best Artistic Achievement
Level Up Toronto 2017 – 1st Place People’s Choice Award