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Super Random Heroes


Super Random Heroes is a game where, like the title suggests, you get random, bizarre super-powers every time you play. It takes the mega-popular superhero genre into a new space, with
hilarious super, and duper powers by blending together elements of popular game genres such as action RPGs, and roguelikes.

Business is great for Super Duper Co. They craft everything from super powers to non-tearing spandex outfits for the world’s greatest heroes. Not only that, they’ve also started a consumer products line that promises protection from the perils that come with living in a super-powered world, villains, doomsday events, universe fracturing, basic super stuff really. Players take on the role of young twins who, after an unfortunate turn of events at Bring Your Kids to Work Day, find themselves chasing down their younger sibling, Jaime, through the halls and floors of Super Duper Co. Along the way, they’ll discover that things at Super Duper Co. aren’t exactly as they seems, something dastardly and villainous! They’ll need to use Super Duper Co’s latest consumer product, the “Super Booth”, and a vast assortment of hand crafted costumes and gear to take down the corrupt corporation and get Jaime back before the work day is over!


Joshua Cappelli
Gavin Finley
Shae Humphries
Brendan Muir
Cody Romphf
Benjamin Scott
Zachary Wolfe


Level Up Showcase 2018 – 3rd place People’s Choice
Level Up Showcase 2018 – 1st Place Overall Design
Level Up Showcase 2018  – 3rd Place Artistic Achievement