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Puzzling Adventure of Edgar the Emu


The Puzzling Adventures of Edgar the Emu is a 3D puzzle game in which the player is presented with a digital block puzzle with an interesting twist. The player must guide Edgar across the level by finishing the puzzle in order to assure he reaches his desired destination. The game will introduce two mechanics to expand upon the complexity and interest of a mechanical puzzle, while maintaining the feeling of a physical puzzle box.

The game is inspired by the design of the physical woodblock puzzles. Level designs will take inspiration from Burr Puzzles, in the sense that they consist of several large interlocking pieces that the player must slide and rotate, while making sure they a re playing within the playable pieces of the puzzles.


Richard Baldock
David Brown
Jessica Cornelius
Melinne Hay
Spencer Johnston
Marseilaise Perkins


2nd Place Winner – Level Up Showcase 2019 – Mobile and Social Category