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Use nimble movement to evade massive enemies and direct powerful attacks where you want them – into other enemies or an array of other hazards. Set during a fictional version of Ming dynasty China, take on the role of Po, an acrobatic monk who protects against magical ceramic creatures that have spread to the temple grounds. Through your skill, the enemies go where you want them to. The environment is your weapon. You may have sworn an oath of nonviolence, but you’re not going down without a fight.  Shattered is a game about jumping, sliding, and dashing to dodge devastating enemy attacks in a world of possessed ceramics. Shattered was designed to challenge our design abilities by going against genre norms.

Our design challenge was to create a satisfying combat experience where the player cannot attack. Throughout the game’s development, our design challenge evolved, adjusting to create a satisfying combat experience where positioning is your weapon. Now, players use an acrobatic movement kit to dodge and guide enemies’ attacks into environmental hazards.  

In Shattered, players navigate arenas and evade enemies by using their acrobatic abilities. Players can run, slide, and jump to escape enemies’ attacks, causing them to damage their brittle ceramic bodies in the process. Shattered creates a unique combat experience with a focus on movement and player-enemy interaction.


Sean Braithwaite
Jesse Baker
Joshua Garcia
Nathan Powless-Lynes
Ian Wang