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Project Amatsuki


PROJECT AMATSUKI is a 3D bullet hell shoot ’em up developed as part of the capstone year at Sheridan College‚Äôs game design program. Team Galaxy Brain (Dexter Truong, Tianyao Liu, Nicola Battista) developed this game to provide a semi-hardcore experience for seasoned players of similar genres, while tackling the challenges in translating traditionally 2D design to 3D space. The result is a vertical slice of what a full game can look like.

You are given access to a multitude of abilities, including free flight, dodging with invincibility to projectiles, time slow, and a plethora of weapons adapted to different scenarios, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. You must traverse through an abandoned lab consisting of waves of different enemies that fire dense projectile patterns, ultimately culminating in a challenging boss battle.


Nicola Battista
Tianyao Liu
Dexter Truong