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Avalanches are a dangerous, yet fascinating phenomenon that continues to be misunderstood by the public. As outdoor recreation grows, so do the dangers of triggering, or being caught in an avalanche. This game explores these dangers, and dynamically teaches players the truth behind avalanche causation, how to be prepared in the possibility of an avalanche and how to react if caught in one would be beneficial to many explorers.

SNO is a 2D/3D Exploration game where the player learns how to navigate a mountain safely. Avoiding avalanches, analyzing snow, and wayfinding are all important to get around the mountain. Interact with the various townfolk around the mountain to learn all you need to know!


Benny Chung Chun Wah
Ethan Davis
Zachary Macleod
Amelia McLeavey
Shannon Umerez
Eric Vander Horst